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And So She Writes  is a fresh, young, inspirational blog about finding your way in world. Yetti will make you laugh and inspire you. This summer Yetti has made big changes in her life and felt that it was time for a redesign on her blog. I’m one lucky designer, because this is the third time I’ve gotten to work with her. You all know I love my job! Collaborating with cool women is one of the biggest reasons.

Design Notes: One of my favorite things is taking a client’s ideas and pulling the fonts and colors together to make it happen. Yetti gave me a sketch of what she wanted for a new logo and I set off in search of the perfect font to make it happen. I love what we came up with. And more importantly Yetti loves it.

Blog Page:

Yetti is one of the founder’s over at She’s a 10. (This was the second time we worked together)

And just for fun let’s take a look back at the first design I did with Yetti.

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