The Cabo Divas

The Cabo Divas – Work, live, and play in paradise. Sounds good doesn’t it? A Diva is a Driven, Intelligent, Vivacious Achiever. And the Cabo Divas are focused on helping women transform their health, wealth, lifestyle and careers.

Design Notes: Fuschia and beach tones are the basis of the color palette for this custom design. The Cabo Divas had already been using the iStock “Cabo Girl” and we made a slight color adjustment to her chair to make her fit with the beach colors. She so perfectly says ‘I’m a Diva living in paradise.’ The design incorporates custom newsletter signup forms in the header and at the end of posts.  The site started with the StudioPress Adorable Theme, but you really wouldn’t know it. That’s were the custom part come in.

Blog page:

And here’s a peek at the custom newsletter signup form that appears at the bottom of all blog posts.


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