about bellano web studio

Welcome to Bellano Web Studio! We specialize in custom WordPress designs using the Genesis Framework. We create beautiful places on the Web.

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Our purpose is to create your dream space on the Web. The place where you or your business stands out from the crowd. Where your clients or friends can find you, follow you, and dig what you’re doing. Where they can buy what you’re selling. Pin what you are creating or cooking. Book your services. Share whatever it is that makes your day brighter. Our goal is a site that you love and that will shine through for your visitors to see.

What does Bellano mean? Well if you hang around you’re sure to notice that the owner loves anything Italian or Italianish (sure that’s a word). But truly Bellano is a street where dreams come true. We’d love to help with your dreams.

Meet your Designer

Thauna - ItalyI’m Thauna (in case you are wondering the H is silent) and I love designing for the Web. Bellano Web Studio is the culmination of all that I love; this work is what lights me up and makes my day.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in IT/Visual Communications and have been designing Web sites for 6+ years. Before making Web design my career it was my hobby, my passion. I started out blogging about my life and my photography, doing a few little projects for friends, and at work. I quickly decided this design thing was what I loved doing. At the time I was in the middle of my bachelor’s program for Human Resources,  I switched programs and have never looked back. Making my design my career has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I believe in doing what you love. And making the Web more beautiful is what I love.

I have had clients around the globe (from Australia to Europe) as well as all across the United States & Canada, across oceans or close to home…friends and strangers alike.

My past clients include photographers, food bloggers, writers, crafters, world-travelers, readers, life & health coaches, niche bloggers of all genres, and small businesses. If you are looking for a Web, Blog, or Logo design send me an email and let’s chat.

When I’m not designing for the Web:

  • I take pictures. Lots of picturesThauna - camera
  • I like to read
  • I’m obsessed with all things Italian and Italy (visited for the first time this year) and I am currently studying Italian
  • have a terrible TV addiction (any one want to watch Justified with me?)
  • spend as much time as I can with my adorable grandbaby
  • I am mom to three mostly grown kids
  • I love KISS, since the 6th grade…that’s a long time
  • I love purple (and more recently red and poppies)
  • and cupcakes
  • I’m a Raider fan
  • I try to blog and stay connected via social media


This Website runs on the Genesis Framework by Studiopress. I am a huge fan and advocate of Studiopress. Genesis is an amazing product. Rock solid code and SEO. I develop and design exclusively in the Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework for WordPress

I am an affiliate for Studiopress. Which means if you purchase Genesis or one of the child themes by using one of my links provided one this site, I receive a small percentage. It’s doesn’t pay the rent or anything, but maybe I’ll get to buy an extra latte. You may find other affliate links for other companies on my site as well. I only sign up for affliate programs for products or services that I believe in and have used.