Adding an Affiliate Page with Amazon Links

This tutorial will show you how to make an Affiliate Page with Amazon Links to look like a Shop instead of a list of links or the standard Amazon buttons.

Have you ever wanted to add some Affiliate links to your WordPress site and make the page look more like a shop than a bunch of links? Or make your Amazon links look better than the generated images from Amazon?

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Adding an Affiliate Page with Amazon LinksFor this tutorial I’m using Column Shortcodes plugin. Because it makes using Columns a bit easier for clients. For more info on using the plugin go to Plugins >> Column Shortcodes >> Screenshots You can also use the column classes built into Genesis.

Affiliate Links

  1. Create your new page and set it to a full width layout.
    1. Add any intro text or heading you would like
  2. Switch to the Text Edit
  3. Use the [ ] icon to the right of “add form” to add column shortcode (for this example I’m going to be using a one-fourth column.
  4. Select what size column you would like and padding if needed.
  5. For a regular Affiliate link copy your image/link code between the opening and closing
  6. Repeat two more times.
  7. On the fourth column choose One Fourth Last.

Amazon Links

Follow the same steps above except we are going to use images and text links from your Amazon Affiliate Account.

I have Amazon Associates Site Stripe activated so I can grab images and codes whenever I’m browsing Amazon.

  1. Copy the item image code (I like the large image, however some products only have a medium image available even though you’ve clicked large)
  2. Paste between the Column Shortcode
  3. Add your Caption/Product Title
  4. Copy the text code
  5. Add text link code to your Caption/Product Title
  6. Use that Text Link code again to create the Buy Now button
  7. Add class=”button” to the <a href=” ….. “> code.
  8. Repeat

If you’re theme does not have a Button class set up or would want to change the color, font, etc.  you can add a new class to your CSS.  You may want to call it something other than just “button” to differentiate from any other buttons set up.

You can find a quick demo I did on Facebook Live at

Have fun and go earn some extra cash. Let me know if you have any questions.

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