Framework + WordPress

Or Why Do I Need a Framework with my WordPress Blog?

You are serious about your blog and you want it to stand above the crowd. You need room to grow. You need loads of flexibility and the ability to customize. You need to be on a self-hosted WordPress  platform.

But why do I need a framework on top of my WordPress installation?

A framework separates the function of the blog from the design. You can update and revise functions without impacting your design and visa versa.

Everything changes in this world of technology. And things move pretty fast. Your site evolves. You add new elements and features for your readers.  Wordpress upgrades are released. The plugins you love add new features. The framework releases new enhancements. You want to make design changes.  You need to be able to update on the fly without having to redesign or recode.

Genesis Framework for WordPressI use the Genesis Framework by Studiopress. All the updates to WordPress, Genesis, and installed plugins are easy and integrated into simple “update now” clicks.

This list of features is why I use Genesis:

Genesis is Search Engine Optimized

All the time and effort that you put into your site, you want to make sure the search engines are finding you and you want to rank well on those search results. Clean, optimized code is important for achieving the best rankings possible.

Genesis has state of the art code and smart design architecture make it easy for search engines to see what you’ve got. With automatic updates to the Genesis Framework, you never have to think about it again. Your code will always be up to date and fully optimized.

Genesis Gives You State-of-the-Art Security

WordPress sites can be vulnerable to those who want to take your site down or exploit it for malicious reasons. Genesis is built to follow all WordPress security best practices.

Genesis Lets You Update Your Site Instantly

Updating to the current version of WordPress and Genesis a snap. Everything is integrated, so you don’t have to call your developer. All updates are tested thoroughly, so you’re not playing guinea pig. Just click the button and you’re done. Updates don’t touch your design but all your important code in the background is updated.

Genesis Makes Customizing Your Site Incredibly Easy

Genesis offers features to make it simple to set up your site exactly the way you want it. And if you change your mind later, you’re just a few clicks away from creating new sections and functions.

Widget Ready

WordPress widgets are the quick and easy way to add powerful functionality to your site. Without having to know anything about code, you can use simple “widgets” to add sidebars, social media sharing buttons, and much more.

Theme Options

Change the categories you display? Adjust the number of posts you show on your home page? All these and many more can simply be selected from a drop-down box. Adjusting these critical options is easy, and your site is updated instantly.

Comment Functionality

Comments are a great way to build engagement and loyalty with your readers. Genesis gives your readers a great comment experience, including threaded comments and Gravatar integration.

Ready for Advertising

Most of the Genesis child themes are ready for advertising. Just insert your advertising code, like Google Adsense, Azoogle Ads, Clicksor, or any others, into a text widget and start collecting your advertising revenue.

Auto-sized Featured Images

There are millions of blogs out there. If you want yours to stand out, you need to draw attention to your blog and articles … and nothing sparks interest better than using great images. But image management and creating thumbnails can sometimes be a hassle. Genesis makes thumbnails simple by integrating our themes to use WordPress featured image capability.


Disclaimer: I am a Genesis affiliate.  I design with and use Genesis on my personal and client sites exclusively. Using the Genesis Framework does not add additional cost to my client package prices. If you choose me as your designer/developer you will get the best framework on the market. Genesis!  I have been using Genesis for well over a year now and am thrilled with the options, support, and customization it offers. I simply love WordPress + Genesis!



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