FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

Last year I tried something new and I really dug it. I printed some calendar pages and taped them to the wall in my office so I could see the whole year. Projects, birthdays, holidays, and scheduled time off. This year I decided to create my own FREE 2020 Printable Calendar and share it.

FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

Three things I loved about it:

  1. Seeing the whole year at a glance as I walk into my office each year gives me a quick centering feeling. Even if I don’t study the calendar I can see if a birthday or a holiday is coming up.
  2. I get to play with my washi tape and that is just fun. I’m either willy-nilly or OCD when I use washi tape and with this, I just tear off small pieces and place them without too much thought. It feels fun and whimsical to me and it’s nice to not overthink something.
  3. I typically schedule work in months so I can see quickly which months are full and where I am with my schedule.

I also use a planner for daily tasks and my Google calendar so I can check it on the go. But the year on the wall is a great way to see everything on my plate.

Sure I could buy a yearly wall calendar, but this is more fun for me. And I’ve done all the work so now you can download a set for yourself. If you share on Instagram please tag me so I can see it (@bellanowebstudio).

Now I need to get some vacations planned and on the wall.

FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

I also love that if something big changes or I make a mistake that bugs me when writing on the calendar I can reprint a page and replace it.

Grab your FREE 2020 Printable Calendars

Happy 2020!!

FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

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