Create Your Website Design Plan


The Create Your Website Design Plan course is like your friendly co-pilot, joining you on the adventure of planning your first website or giving your current one a fresh makeover. With over 14 years of website design experience under my belt, I can confidently say that having a solid plan before you begin makes everything run much more smoothly. In this course, we’ll navigate the planning process and you will develop a tailor-made roadmap that perfectly fits your unique goals and aspirations.  When you plan your project ahead of time, you’ll be able to dodge that pesky feeling of overwhelm, keep everything on track, stick to your schedule and budget, and best of all, launch your fabulous website much faster!

The course also includes a Notion Workbook for collating your notes, a to-do list for managing tasks, and a content calendar to outline your strategic action plan.


In this course, you will learn all the essentials of planning, from setting clear goals to pinpointing your target audience, crafting a standout brand identity, and designing a visually stunning look. We’ll also dive into creating a design plan that includes all the key website elements, whipping up content creation and promotion strategies, and getting ready for a fantastic launch and post-launch growth.

With real-life examples and easy-to-understand lessons, this course helps you build a strong foundation for your website project, whether you’re teaming up with a designer or taking the DIY route. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to take on the exciting adventure of creating and growing your online presence, armed with a clear roadmap and a big dose of confidence to set you up for success.

The Create Your Website Design Plan course is perfect for aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or anyone eager to make a splash in the online world. Whether you’re starting fresh or revamping your existing website, this course will give you the know-how to stand out online.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Set clear goals for your blog or website
  2. Get to know your target audience
  3. Define your brand identity
  4. Craft your visual identity with colors, fonts, and logos
  5. Develop your design plan
  6. Strategize your content and promotion plan
  7. Launch your website with a bang and grow for lasting success

The course comes complete with a Notion Workbook, which is divided into sections for each module. To help you put your plans into action, it includes a to-do list and features a content calendar designed to maintain your progress and momentum.

Don’t wait any longer – enroll in the Create Your Website Design Plan course today and start your journey toward creating an amazing online presence that truly shines!