The Design Process

The design process consists of 4 main phases: getting scheduled; design/preview process; launching your new site, and post-launch. I strive to be transparent throughout the process and communication is always open. Collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of all projects.

Getting Scheduled

  • I have a limited number of design slots in my schedule each month.
  • My schedule is usually booked 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • A 50% deposit is required to schedule.
  • The schedule is created as deposits are received.
  • Once the month is full I begin scheduling for the next month.
  • Each project’s timeline is unique depending on the client’s needs and our combined schedules.

Design/Preview Process

  • The client completes the New Project Form.
  • The project is set up on Basecamp (an online project management system) for communication during the project.
  • Additional design questions are posted in Basecamp.
  • During the preview design process, I may ask additional questions or for clarification.
  • 3 logo concepts are sent to the client.
  • The client chooses one logo concept to refine.
  • The preview site is created on a Flywheel demo site and sent to the client when ready for review (typically 2 weeks, but depends on the project timeline).
  • The editing process begins. I ask that requested edits be sent in bulleted or numbered lists whenever possible.
  • Mobile responsiveness check.
  • When the preview site is approved we move to the launch phase.

Launching Your New Site

  • An invoice for your balance is sent.
  • Time scheduled for launch.
  • The demo site is transferred to the client through Flywheel or is installed on the client’s¬†hosting.

Post Launch

  • Any files are sent to the client via Basecamp (social media images, logo files, etc.).
  • Site instructions are added to Basecamp.
  • Any final revisions should be sent within the first week. Major revisions may incur additional charges.
  • WordPress email support is available (time depends on the package).
  • One week after launch Basecamp project is archived.
  • I am available on an hourly basis after a project.