Good. Food. Stories.

Good. Food. Stories. Is an online magazine that tells stories about food and places that have food. It’s more than a food blog, it’s storytelling and recipe sharing. You’ll be amused and delighted by the story first and then inspired by the recipe or the knowledge shared. Casey Barber and her diverse contributors share their tales of recipe tasting and cooking, eating in restaurants around the world, offer book and movie recommendations and a wide variety of essays on food. Casey is also the author of several cookbooks.

Good Food Stories - Desktop

This project is a Custom Design and is based on the Foodie Pro Theme with quite a few customizations. The site has a visual index of each of the three main topics: Cities & Restaurants, Recipes and Essays, Reviews & More. (click image to enlarge)

Good Food Stories - Visual Index Good Food Stories - Visual Index Good Food Stories - Visual Index
Each Category also has a visual index.
Good Food Stories - Category Index
The bottom of each post has related posts, author box, next/previous post navigation, disclaimer, and newsletter sign up with advertising space.
Good Food Stories - Bottom of Post
After we launched Casey sent me the sweetest note (I didn’t really think she was OCD but she is detail orientated so I’m thrilled she was happy with our collaboration).
Thank you a million times over for all your patience and detail-oriented work – as you now know, I’m such an OCD person, and you are a dream to collaborate with.” -Casey
And of course, it’s mobile responsive.
Good Food Stories - Mobile Responsive
I hope you check out Good. Food. Stories. I am certain you will find stories to delight you and recipes to get you cooking. Oh and I didn’t even mention the cocktails! There are a lot of cocktails and good info for the aspiring home bartender.