What Type of Logo Do You Want?

Your logo is the key to your brand. Your brand is the key to you site’s design and layout. They are all connected and part of your brand’s circle of life.

I ask new clients several questions to gather information and inspiration for a logo design. Sometimes it can be tricky to get on the same page. I ask question like:

  • What showit-bubbledancerdo you want your new logo to accomplish?
  • Do you have any specific imagery in mind
  • Where will your logo be used?
  • What files will you need?
  • What logos are you inspired by and what do you like about them?
  • Do you have any specific ideas about your new logo?

Eight out of ten times these questions and the feedback from clients has been enough. Some clients have a feeling in mind: welcoming, bold, fun. Some have a image or icon that they want include to convey an concept: a light bulb to demonstrate ideas, a nurses hat, waves to indicate the water.

I have had clients who trust me completely and give me full creative rein to those who send me sketches and know exactly what they want. And honestly I love both. I’ve taken old logos and created something new with the old elements. That is always fun.

However, I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been lacking in one important question on my design form:

What type of logo do you want?

Five Types of Logos

There are five basic types of logos. Sometimes the word clues a client uses heads me down the path towards one type when really they are desiring a different type of logo entirely. I’m always working to refine my process so this question will be added to my design questionnaire.

Word Mark or Typographical

Typography logos make me swoon, but then I am a font lover. I love the simplicity of a Word Mark. Mix it up with varying fonts or weights and a splash of color and  you can have something simple but powerful. Trendy yet timeless. Some well know logos in this group would be Facebook, Sony, and Disney.

Letter Mark

Letter marks are typographical and creates a symbol with initials. Examples would be HP, GE, Chanel with the interlocking C’s.

Combination Mark

This is my favorite and most popular with my clients. The mark or symbol used with this type of logo can be complicated or simple. A few famous examples would be McDonald’s, Pepsi, Sprint.

Picture or Abstract

Simple and memorable are the most common traits of an abstract logo. Some are very literal like Apple. While other are more abstract like Nike. But people remember them and they can be scaled down or used large with company name.

I don’t do much of this type of logo design, but I do like to use something in a combination mark style that can be scaled down or back to symbolize the site or business and used as an icon.


An emblem logo is usually a shape with the name of the company inside. Examples are Harley Davidson and Starbucks.


I love simple shapes and striking fonts, which makes me lean towards Word Marks, Combination Marks and Emblems. And honestly, I have a thing for circles.

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