February Inspiration

February: the month of love, red, pink, hearts, and romance. All things I love so finding inspiration is easy. It’s a good thing we have February with its feel-good-ness to help get through the end of the Winter season. Where I live it’s cold and I honestly don’t love Winter. It’s fun when there are Christmas lights twinkling in the snow and we are all hoping for a White Christmas. But come January and February and I’m over it and ready to move to Arizona.

Valentine’s Day brings a burst of excitement and fun regardless of whether you celebrate with a sweetheart or friends or children.

I stole away a little bit of time to play with some mood boards and color palettes to enjoy the Valentine mood. Maybe some of these will inspire you too.

Pin the ones you love for later.

All images are from Unsplash.com, one of my favorite places to gather photo inspiration quickly. Or not so quickly, because I can spend hours looking at photography. If you’ve never visited Unsplash.com, check it out. Search for some February Inspiration by searching for love, pink, hearts or anything else you associate with February. Grab some of the free images to use throughout the year.

My February Inspiration:

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