Friday Freebie – Desktop Wallpapers

Happy Friday!! I love Fridays even though now that I work from home and full time with Bellano I often work Saturday and Sunday. But not always. I do enjoy being able to flex my days off or even just a few hours here and there. It can be totally worth working on a Sunday afternoon to be able to spontaneously go play with a friend (or grandbaby) on a Wednesday afternoon.

Sometimes when I need a break from coding or designing a new project or when I need some creative inspiration I’ll make up a new desktop wallpaper for my computer. I’m big into inspirational quotes and little pep talks for myself. And you know I love beautiful photography.

I thought I would share a few, maybe your desktop could use a pretty picture or some encouragement to help boost you through the day. Hang on Baby, Friday is Coming! (anyone remember that old cat poster, or am I dating myself?)

Click to open a large image and right click to save. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

PS. Have you seen the new live action Cinderella? I loved it, it is my all time favorite Cinderella movie. This is my new mantra.

wallpaper - Have Courage Be Kind

Wallpaper - Have Courage Be Kind -Pink

wallpaper - dreams

wallpaper - faith it