Keep Calm + KISS {freebie}

You know those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters that seem to pop up everywhere? Yeah, they’re pretty cool, right? They’ve got this whole vibe going on, and I absolutely love seeing all the fun and quirky takes on that classic line.

So, I had this lightbulb moment recently. Why not make my own version? And not just any version, but something that truly speaks to my soul. Whenever I’m feeling all frazzled and just need a moment to breathe and get my groove back, you know what I do? I turn on some KISS. Yep, you read that right! If you’ve chatted with me even for a bit, you’ll know that my love for KISS isn’t just regular fandom; it’s next level. 🎸

Alright, so here’s the fun part! For all you fellow KISS lovers – and I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of us out there – I’ve crafted a little something special. Grab this free 8×10 printable I whipped up.

Click the image to download, print, enjoy, and rock on! 🤘😊🎸🤘

Font: The Kiss Font on DaFont