Why I switched to Kadence

It’s been 3 years since I switched to Kadence! I pivoted completely to Kadence and broke up with the Genesis Framework for good.

When I started seeing other designers I admire switch to Kadence I was hesitant. I decided to test it on my own site. After that, I had a client who wanted to use Kadence because she had read about how much faster it was. Two projects in and I was hooked!

After using it for 3 years now, I can say with certainty that it was the best decision I ever made. Not only is Kadence faster and more lightweight than other themes, but it’s also super customizable and easy to use.

A little backstory about why I switched to Kadence

WordPress was a dream come true after years of hard-coding websites from scratch with HTML, PHP, and CSS. (I was a real coding geek and I loved it.) When I started a personal blog on WordPress I enjoyed bringing my coding skills to the platform. I stumbled across Genesis when I was working on customizing my blog. I was thrilled with what I could create and it allowed me to focus on design and functionality.

Creating personal hobby blogs turned into designing blogs for friends, which turned into creating sites for clients as a side hustle – and that turned into my full-time Bellano Web Studio. (Dreams do come true!)

For years I built my business on Genesis and was proud to be Genesis Recommended Developer. But they unexpectedly sold their product line without any warning. When it became clear that Genesis was no longer innovating and had become a little stagnant in its feature set it was time to move on.

Taking Kadence for a test drive was the best business decision I made in a long time! Kind of like upgrading from my old Sonata to our new Santa Fe. While I loved my Sonata (Genesis) the Santa Fe (Kadence) matched all the bells and whistles I was used to plus a huge heaping of extra goodies and features that make driving (or in this analogy building and designing websites) even more fun and enjoyable. Every single feature is an upgrade.

The best part

Kadence is a WordPress theme that is specifically designed for creating beautiful and modern websites. It has everything I need to create stunning websites for my clients. Plus, it’s constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

Kadence is faster and has more features and flexibility. My favorite part is that it unlocks areas for my clients to update easily on their own.

I love to teach clients how to use their sites and Kadence makes it so easy. I believe you deserve to have the power in your hands.

Show & Tell

Here are a few samples of redesign projects during the past 2 years. These are all projects that I designed with Genesis a few years ago and have redesigned with Kadence.

I have more examples but you get the idea. Head over to the Portfolio if you would like to see more.

Note from Casey:

“After so many years on Genesis, I was admittedly nervous to make the switch to Kadence, but I trust in Thauna, and it was definitely the right move! The transition was seamless and just as intuitive to use – the learning curve was basically nonexistent and the site looks more gorgeous than ever. Even better, since updating my site with Kadence, I’ve seen incredible improvements in my site speed and ad revenue!”

Read more about Kadence here: 8 Reasons the Kadence Theme is my Favorite

Are you ready for a website you love?

If you are ready for a redesign or your first website and the thought of figuring it all out makes your heart race a bit and leaves you overwhelmed I got you covered! My specialty is taking your wish list and blending your personality with the functionality you need for an online presence that makes you proud. Let’s create a stunning first impression and a website where you can stand out online.

My Favorite Kadence Themes

I adore themes by Restored 316 they are absolutely gorgeous! If you have fallen in love with a theme but want to stand out from all the other DIYers who are using it, I can take the theme you love and craft it to match your personality and your business needs.

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Why I switched to Kadence