7 Social Media Tips for New Bloggers

getSocialYour website is complete, content is written – or least a mental note – and now it’s time to promote to your audience and drive traffic to your new site. It is 2014 and we all know that social media is the way to build and engage your target audience. As a new blogger it is important to create (and execute) a stellar social media plan.

With a dizzying amount of social media networks available from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg or Tumblr it can be hard to chose which ones to use. Let’s not forget about platforms that manage multiple social media platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer. Social media can be a can of worms for new bloggers.

Here are 7 social media tips to help you navigate the complex waters of social media – while still having time to create content.

1. Create an Editorial Calendar

Knowing what your blog topic is and when you’ll post it is important to keep stress levels down and increase regular content. Use social media to promote upcoming blog posts, share past posts that relate to current events or get feedback on what your audience wants to hear.

2. Pick 3 Platforms to Focus On

With over 50 well-known social media platforms it is easy to get overwhelmed in choosing the right platform for your blog. Start small and build an audience on a select few social networks before taking over the social media world.

3. Showcase Social Icons Front & Center

After you’ve chosen your platforms, showcase the icons front and center on your blog. Don’t let your social media icons get lost at the bottom of your website – or worse, not have them at all.

4. Be Consistent Across All Platforms

Keep your blog name in your social media profiles as much as possible. Use your logo as the profile image across all platforms, brand consistently is key.

5. Create Shareable Content

Use creative images, solve a problem or share new information through content on your blog or social media. Create shareable content that your audience can share with their audience and watch the ripple happen.

6. Use Short Links
When your content is being shared you’ll want to keep the links short. Use bitly to easily shorten your links and keep them consistent across all social media networks.

7. Join Blogger Groups

Find a blogger group in your niche and actively participate. You’ll learn from the pros in the group and make new friends. The blogging community is very collaborative, supportive and encouraging. Can’t find what you’re looking for, start your own!

Now go out there and get social!

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