Add some fun to your posts with GIFs…

Did you know it’s super easy it is to add some fun to your posts with GIFs?

If you are using the Gutenberg editor and have JetPack enabled you can add GIF’s your posts lickety-split.

Have you been putting off Gutenberg? I feel you, even I was nervous. If you’re curious about the upgrade but nervous to commit you can test it out here.

How fun is that?

Step 1
Click on the plus sign to add a block.

Step 2
Scroll down to Jetpack.

Step 3
Choose GIF

Step 4
Type in your keyword

Step 5
Pick your favorite

Step 6
Type a caption if desired and click off the block to enter your fun GIF.

Go have some fun with GIF’s.

add some fun with GIFs