Beachy Wedding Color Palettes

One of my favorite things is putting together color palettes for web projects. Beachy + Wedding = some fun color palette work. Sometimes I actually put color palettes together just for fun. It’s so much fun that I have to remind myself it’s really work.

These beachy wedding color palettes came together while I was brainstorming color schemes for a Wedding Officiant site. I went to and downloaded wedding/flower images. Then I started picking colors from my favorite photos. Sometimes I LOVE an image but I don’t necessarily love the colors from it for the specific project. For this project, I wanted something with a beachy feel and that would compliment the colors of the water and the beach since this Wedding Officiant specializes in Florida beach weddings.

The winning beachy wedding color palette for the project is the larger one at the bottom of the gallery.

You can see how the colors are used in the Sarasota Weddings project in my portfolio.

Pin ’em so you can find them later.

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