Casey Barber

Casey Barber is a food writer, cookbook author, recipe developer, photographer, and illustrator. She is multi-talented and multi-passionate. You know one of those people that is so very good at so many things. This project is her portfolio site that showcases her talents and points you to the many places you can find Casey.

I was so excited when Casey contacted me about redesigning her portfolio site. We have worked together twice before on two redesigns for Good. Food. Stories. and we’ve become friends along the way. We even had dinner together when she visited Utah last year. Casey is the best! You really should check out and also Good. Food. Stories and also The Casey Barbershop….and then you’ll see what I mean. TALENTED!

Nice words from Casey:

I don’t even have words to say how much I LOVE the brand-new look of – but luckily, the site can speak for me! THANK YOU to Thauna at Bellano Web Studio for making me look this good (and for being a real friend as well as a miracle designer).

Looks great on mobile as well.