Holiday blog design ideas that will wow your audience

Are you looking for some holiday magic? I have a few holiday blog design ideas for you.

Imagine having your holiday content styled and ready in one day. We can get your blog holiday ready in no time with just a few simple steps!

Not only will your blog look amazing, but you’ll be able to take advantage of all the extra traffic that comes with the holidays. Get ahead of the competition and book your VIP day today!

Recently, I had a productive and fun VIP day with Katie from La Jolla Mom, and while it was not focused on holiday content, it got me thinking about how a VIP day could be used to get your holiday content ready for the season. It’s coming up fast!

Here are a few of the highlights from our day and how you could use them for your holiday content:

New Page Template

I designed a new page template to increase brand recognition and create posts faster than the speed of light. Katie shares travel tips and reviews on her blog. Now when visitors want to check out her opinion on the restaurants, museums, hotels, etc., or a particular destination, they can easily find her content and will stay on the page longer.

Once the draft page was precisely how Katie wanted it, I created a custom design library in her WordPress Dashboard with custom pages and block collections. Going forward, she can just click two buttons, and all the formatting, blocks, and styles are ready to go!

Holiday blog design idea #1: You can put this to use for seasonal gift guides and product reviews!

On-Brand Customized Block For Listicle Posts

There is no denying that listicle posts are popular! A listicle post changes the format of traditional storytelling by turning a post into a styled list post.  Lists are easy for your readers to scan to find what they are looking for. A robust list will engage your audience and encourage them to keep scrolling. If you are monetizing your blog, that means more ad placements.

Listicles are great for SEO by allowing you to include more keywords. According to Semrush, posts with lists do about 2x better than posts without a list. Make sure your list answers any question that is in your title.

Holiday blog design idea #2: A listicle post would be great for holiday content like craft projects, party plans, how-to guides, gift guides, or product reviews.

Here’s an example of custom blocks:

Holiday blog design ideas

An Author Box

Are you bored with the generic author box on your WordPress site? I can create a prettier version of your author box. Our imaginations only limit the possibilities.

Holiday blog design idea #3: You can put this to use by adding some links to your favorite holiday content and using a photo of you in a festive outfit. Swapping back to your regular author box after the holidays is easy.

Holiday blog design ideas

 Here’s what Katie said about her VIP day: 

“I just finished my second VIP day with Thauna. We worked together to tweak some design features on my existing theme and to make a new page template. It’s a pretty easy process as we chat throughout the day about how things are looking – which is always pretty great when she’s finished. I’ll book again when I have a new list of to-dos!”

Ready for your VIP treatment?

With a Bellano VIP Day package, I dedicate the entire day to you and your project. The day is custom-tailored to what you need and your objectives. You can use the day for your to-do or wish list or give your current site a quick refresh. We can also use your day to create a custom block collection that will save you precious time. Book your day and send me your wishlist.

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Holiday blog design ideas

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