5 Steps to Get Noticed on Pinterest

Your site is launched and you are ready to tackle social media to gain some traction in the visibility game. You are a pro at Instagram and Facebook but…

get noticed on pinterestHow do you get noticed on Pinterest?

Pinterest requires a bit of strategy and a game plan. You need to set up a few things as well as making those pinnable graphics that will get people clicking over to your site.

ONE – Business Account

  1. If you have a personal account switch it over to a business account. If you are starting fresh, make sure you set up your account as a business.
  2. Your username will be part of your URL (https://www.pinterest.com/bellanowebstudio/) and can be different than the name displayed on your account.
  3. Upload a profile image. Whether you use your photo or your logo is up to you, just make sure it’s a clear image because it will show on your pins.

TWO – Confirm your Website

  1. Get a Meta Tag
    1. Go to your profile page
    2. Hover over your photo and select Settings
    3. In the Website field, click Confirm Websiteget noticed on pinterest
    4. Copy the Meta Tag
  2. Add Meta Tag in Genesis
    1. Go to Genesis >> Theme Settings
    2. Copy Meta Tag code into the Header Scripts areaget noticed on pinterest
    3. Save
  3. Add code in Yoast SEO
    1. Go to SEO >> Social
    2. Click the Pinterest Tab
    3. Copy the Meta Tag code get noticed on pinterest
    4. Save Changes

THREE – Apply for Rich Pins

  1. Rich Pins adds extra metadata to your Pins which gives your Pinners and better experience and helps with your engagement. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, article, movie, place, product, and recipe.
  2. To apply you simply need to validate a URL (choose a page or a post) in the validator and click Validate. get noticed on pinterest
  3. If you do not get a Congratulations notice follow the instructions to resolve.
    get noticed on pinterest

FOUR – Create Pinnable Graphics

You know the kind of images that your reader WANTS to pin!

  1. Use high-quality photos that are crisp and clear.
  2. Add text to at least one photo for pinning. This will help catch the eye of users on Pinterest and give them a reason to click over and read your awesome content.
  3. If your reader is using the Pinterest add-on in their browser they will get to choose from all the photos in your post. It’s ultimately their choice which image to pin the last image in your post will be first in their options. If you want to use a cool long image for Pinterest put it at the end of your post and it will be their first choice.
  4. Use your keyword and a brief description of the alternate text of your image. (edit image >> alternate text >> update)

FIVE – Setup jQuery Pin It Button for Images Lite

  1. Install the Plugin and activate
  2. Go to Settings >>  jQuery Pin It Button for Images Lite
  3. Selection Tab
    1. Set minimum – I have mine set to 160 x 160 so the Pin It button does NOT show on images that size or smaller. You may want to adjust.
    2. Visual Tab
      1. Description Source – make sure you have Image Alt Attribute checked if you are adding your pin description in the alt tag. Also, it’s good to add the Post Title.
      2. Transparency – you can change to your preference. This sets the image to dim on hover and the pin it button displays more prominently.
      3. Pin Image – use the default Pinterest button or upload a custom button (see below for some premade buttons)
      4. Pin It Button Location – select where you would like the button to be placed over your image
      5. Pin It Button Margins – allow you to future refine the placement.
    3. That’s it! – those are all the changes that I make to the plugin.

Grab your FREE Pin It images.

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5 Easy Steps to Get Noticed on Pinterest and set your blog up for success.

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