Do you need a Blog? Why yes you do!

Yes, I design Web sites and Blogs for a living. So you could say I’m biased and this post is self serving. But, if you discount blogging as a way to build your business you will be missing out.

Blog to grow your business!

Whether you are selling handmade bits of wonderfulness on Etsy, have a local boutique or business, or manufacture trailers to sell across the country…you need a blog.


Blogging builds your brand and brings traffic to your site. Each time you blog you create a page that Google adds to the magic that brings Web customers to your site. The more pages with relevant content the better you do when you future customers type in “handmade goodies” or “ATV trailers.”  The better you do in Google (and other search engines), the more people find you on the Web.

And let’s be honest, these days if you are looking for a product or service where do you go first? Google. Or insert other favorite search engine.

Even if you know of a product or business that you would like to try where do you go to learn more about the business? Find their address, phone number, price of that doodad you need? Google. Personally, if a business doesn’t have a Web presence I move on. In this day and age  if a business isn’t on the Web I’m not really interested. (Again, I know the Web is my life)

Blogging gives you a chance to toot your own horn. Show your customers your latest doodad or gadget. Demonstrate to them that you know your stuff. And show them why you are the best in the business.

OK, I’ll step off my soapbox now.

Go check out this awesome post on 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog by Brian Gardner.

And then start blogging!

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