Tick-Tock or Cha-Ching? Time or Money

Save time or save money? It’s the Ultimate Dilemma! 

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about what is most important to you: Time or Money? 

Are you a frugal saver or a time-efficient hustler? Each of us has a tendency lean towards saving one over the other. Sometimes it’s a tricky choice. 

Money – Stacking up that money is fun and it allows you to have more financial freedom and security. You can put money towards things that matter to you, like a vacation, a new car, or a down payment on a house. Plus, it’s always exciting to find a great deal or save money on something you were already planning to buy.

Time or Money
time or money

Time – Saving time and frustration can be worth its weight in gold!!! Saving time allows you to do more of what you love. You can spend more time doing what makes you money! As well as extra time with your friends and family, your hobbies, or some extra “me” time. There’s something liberating about not having to rush around all the time and being able to say yes to new opportunities.

But the truth is: it’s not a simple either-or question. We need to find the perfect balance between saving some dough and saving precious time. 

Luckily in 2023, there are plenty of options to find what works best for our lives! Save time by hiring out tasks like routine office work, cleaning, or yard work, and save your valuable time to focus on your business or passions. The bottom line is, we can have our cake and eat it too… and have it delivered! 

Personally, my main focus is on saving time. Running a business means I wear a lot of hats and I need to keep my creativity flowing when I’m in the zone. I prefer to focus on my business rather than some of my regular chores. So I’m willing to spend a little extra on a few things that can help me save time. For instance:

  • Hello Fresh – 3 meals I don’t have to shop for or worry about whether I have all the ingredients.  
  • Roomba – I would much rather work than vacuum. I love hearing Penelope (yes, I named my Roomba) upstairs cleaning up while I’m downstairs working. Now if only I can convince my husband that we also need a mopping robot…but he mops so I may not win that one. Bonus she runs on a schedule so the floors are always swept. 
  • Walmart+ and Amazon – I choose to go shopping (hello Target!) when I want to wander the aisles. For everything else I have it delivered. I don’t have time to run to Target just for toothpaste, I have websites to design!

While my top priority is to save time, I can’t forget about the importance of saving those coins, too! After all, I have a vacation to plan. So, while I splurge on services that make my life easier, like meal delivery and robots to clean, I also keep an eye on my finances and look for places to save or cut unnecessary expenses.

It’s all about balance! By finding that sweet spot between saving time and saving money, we can work smarter, not harder, and enjoy the best of both worlds to reach our goals. 

Of course, if you would rather spend your time on your business instead of DIYing your website and branding I would LOVE to help you! I am currently scheduling new projects. Here is how we can work together.

Ready for your VIP treatment?

With a Bellano VIP Day package, I dedicate the entire day to you and your project. The day is custom-tailored to what you need and your objectives. You can use the day for your to-do or wish list or give your current site a quick refresh. We can also use your day to create a custom block collection that will save you precious time. Book your day and send me your wishlist.