No Time for Writer’s Block

True confessions. Sometimes the day before the newsletter is due I’m stumped and come down with a serious case of writer’s block. I struggle to get the ideas flowing while sitting in front of a white screen that I feel is mocking me!

Life is busy: there’s No Time for Writer’s Block

No Time for Writer's Block

Does this happen to you? I’m sitting here staring at a blank page, unable to get a single word down. Every idea I have is met with the thought…no, that’s no good. And I need to get this scheduled today. 

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here. (If writing comes easy to you high-five and I’m envious!) I get caught up with designing client projects and before I know it it’s Thursday I don’t have a draft for Friday’s newsletter. The last time it happened I decided to research ways to beat writer’s block. 

The good news is that my quick research reassured me that it’s a common problem that affects writers of all levels. Whew! We are not alone. 

Here are my favorite strategies I found to get back on track:

  1. Take a break. Sometimes the best way to overcome writer’s block is to step away from your writing for a little while. Go for a walk, do some yoga, or take a nap. When you come back to your writing, you may find that your mind is clearer and your ideas flow more easily. – Maybe I should have tried a nap.
  2. Change your environment. If you’re used to writing in the same place, try moving to a new location. A change of scenery can be refreshing and may help you see things from a different perspective. – My favorite change of scenery is to move the patio but it’s very wintery today.
  3. Write something else. If you’re stuck on a particular piece of writing, try writing something else. 
  4. Freewrite. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just write whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t need to be work-related and don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or structure. Just write something.
  5. Break it down. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the scope of a writing project, try breaking it down into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  6. Read. Reading is a great way to gain inspiration and develop your writing skills. When you read, you expose yourself to different writing styles, perspectives, and ideas, which can help you develop your own unique voice and style.
  7. Write with someone else. Collaborating with another writer can be a great way to overcome writer’s block. You can bounce ideas off each other, provide feedback, and support each other through the writing process.

Do you have any tips that work for you? Please comment and share your magic with me. I would be forever grateful. 

Here’s to thoughts and words that flow easily from our brains to our keyboards. 

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