Creating a Cozy & Productive Home Office for Bloggers

8 Tips for Home Office Setup for Bloggers

Your home office is your creative haven. It’s where all those blog-worthy ideas come to life and get shared with the world. How do we make sure this space isn’t just functional, but also sparks joy and encourages productivity? I’ve got eight tried-and-true tips for turning your blogger home office into a place you’ll absolutely love and supports your blogging.

1. Find Your Perfect Spot

Office for Bloggers

Let’s kickstart our journey to the perfect office for blogging by finding the ideal location. We need somewhere quiet, bright, and – most importantly – free from those pesky distractions (like that ever-inviting bed or the laundry that needs to be folded). Do you have a spare room, an unused nook, or even a fancy-schmancy shed? Excellent! And remember, we’re aiming for some separation from our living spaces, so when we clock out, we truly clock out. Work-life balance, here we come!

My setup: I have a spare bedroom in the basement that I have converted into my office. It keeps me away from the rest of the house where the chores are and provides separation if I’m not the only one at home. The only downside for me is a basement view, I would love a window where I could see more sky and the mountain, but it’s a big window and I placed some hanging flower pots near the window well. Some day I want to add some window well decoration.

2. Treat Yourself to Comfy, Body-Loving Furniture

Now, let’s talk about your office chair. An uncomfortable chair will make your back and shoulders scream before you even get to your midday coffee break. Invest in the best, body-loving, ergonomic chair you can afford and a desk that’s at your perfect height. Want to level up? Consider an adjustable standing desk – your spine will thank you!

My setup: I admit, I’m a bit frugal when it comes to office chairs, and yes, my neck and shoulders pay the price! 😉 Currently, I have a high-back gaming chair I found at Costco,but it’s not really cutting it and I’m already planning a replacement. My desks are two tables from Ikea in an “L” shape – they’re budget-friendly and they work, plus I like the look. I also have an Adjustable Standing Riser with my monitors and keyboard on it and I LOVE this footrest, it’s soft and cozy.

3. Let’s Get Organized

A cluttered workspace can lead to a cluttered mind. Save your creativity (and sanity) by keeping everything tidy with a handy filing system, shelves, and desk organizers. Everything should have its own place, from your tech gadgets to those all-important coffee mugs. Also, leave yourself a clean space on your desk to write with pen and paper.

My setup: I’ll confess, I have a good-sized desk but sometimes the clutter around me can get out of control. I spend 90% of my day with my hands on the keyboard looking at my monitors and if I’m not careful suddenly the space around me is cluttered with notebooks, planners, pens, and cords. My goal is to tidy up the space around me at the end of the day or at the very least Friday afternoon before I finish up for the day.

4. Illuminate Your Space

Lighting is a game-changer. If you can, position your workspace near a window – natural light does wonders for our mood and energy levels. If sunlight is in short supply, no worries. A good quality lamp with adjustable brightness will keep your eyes happy.

My setup: I am lucky to have my basement window. I used to have my office in a large nook in the middle of the basement but I needed sunlight during the day so I took over the guest room a few years ago. I like a fun feel in my office so I also have LED lighting around the ceiling, a cute lamp, and a pretty blingy pendant light. Oh, and I have a lava lamp! I also have everything connected to Alexa so in the mornings I say “Alexa turn on the office”…it’s a small thing but it kind of makes my day.

5. Inject a Bit of ‘You’

Office for Bloggers

This space is yours, so make it feel that way! Bring in photos, art, plants, or even a quirky coffee mug that makes you smile. From boho to minimalist, modern to vintage, or a unique blend that’s distinctly ‘you’, let your personal style echo throughout your office sanctuary.

My setup: My office is definitely eclectic and so not minimalist. I have things that make me smile, bring back memories, or are just pretty all over my office. I love quotes and art and anything purple. Sometimes I think I “should” create a lovely minimalist space like the ones I see on Instagram or Pinterest but then I remember this is me and when I think about removing something I resist. I’m eclectic and I love looking around my office at my little collections. A blank space doesn’t feel creative to me.

6. Tech it Up

As bloggers, our best friend is our computer, right? It’s the heart of our blogger home office. Make sure you have a trusty device equipped with all the software you need, plus strong Wi-Fi. And for the multi-tasking mavens among us, a second monitor could be a real game-changer.

My setup: I upgraded my computer last year to a super fast gaming machine that also has lights on the fans (I’m all about the lights here). Dual monitors are essential for designing websites. I usually keep the design work on one screen and view my process on the other. One thing I don’t love about my tech setup is my camera for Zoom meetings, I need to find a way to improve that.

Office for Bloggers

7. Create Your Very Own Chill Zone

Picture this: you’re in your adorable office blogging away and need a break. But stepping away from your cozy workspace might lead you into a sea of household chores, and we don’t want that kind of distraction, right? Remember, we all need breaks. So why not make a cozy corner in your office for those much-needed quick breaks? If space allows add a comfy chair, a spot for your planner and notebook, or a mini coffee station – find what works for you. Taking regular short breaks can help improve concentration and reduce stress.

My setup: My office is a bit packed with a couple of filing cabinets and bookcases. However, right outside my office door is an over-stuffed chair in the family room which is perfect for a quick break to brainstorm with my notebook or planner.

8. Keep It Clean, Inside and Out

A clean space equals a clean mind. Set a regular cleaning schedule for your home office and stick to it. And don’t forget to extend that cleanliness to your digital space too – delete those unused files and keep your documents neatly organized.

My setup: I tidy up on Fridays so I’m ready for the new week on Monday. I’m currently in the middle of a deep dive to organize my digital files and using Notion to organize my life. It is my summer project and I’m hoping to have it mostly done before our vacation.

And there you have it! With these eight tips, you’re well on your way to crafting a home office that’s not just about blogging and work, but also about joy, creativity, and well-being. Remember, this space is an extension of you, so let it reflect your style, passion, and the incredible blogger you are!

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