Why Choose Kadence Blocks: 15 Reasons

Evolution and change are constants in the world of web design. Over my 15-year journey as a website designer, I’ve seen the landscape evolve dramatically, from the rise of mobile-first design to the integration of AI-driven functionalities. A few years back, the introduction of the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress marked another such turning point. Initially, it caused quite a stir. Many of us, myself included, were hesitant to let go of familiar tools. Even today, I occasionally come across users who cling to the Classic Editor plugin, a testament to how deeply rooted our preferences can become.

But now, about five years later, my perspective has shifted dramatically. I’ve grown to love Gutenberg. It’s not just another tool; it represents a significant shift towards a more visual and intuitive approach to creating content. It’s made the design process faster and more streamlined than I could have ever imagined. There’s something about the simplicity and flexibility of Gutenberg that has transformed how I work.

The most recent milestone in my design journey was moving from Genesis to Kadence. This shift wasn’t just a change of tools; it was a revolution in my approach to website design. Kadence opened up new possibilities, aligning more closely with the evolving demands of web design. For those curious about this transition, I invite you to read my story on ‘Why I Switched to Kadence. It’s a glimpse into how embracing change can lead to remarkable improvements in our work.

With so many block options available Why Choose Kadence Blocks?

This is something I pondered as I navigated through the myriad of choices. And now, after extensive use and exploration, I’m here to share not just one but 15 reasons why Kadence Blocks has become my go-to choice for Gutenberg. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, these insights might just be what you need to make your blogging journey smoother. Let’s dive in!

15 reasons to choose Kadence Blocks


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Unmatched Customization

First things first, customization is king in web design. Why choose Kadence Blocks? Because it offers unmatched control over your designs. With Kadence, you can tweak everything from typography to spacing, ensuring your site perfectly captures your brand’s essence.


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Speedy Performance

A fast website is a must, and Kadence Blocks doesn’t disappoint. It’s built for speed, keeping your site zippy and SEO-friendly. In the digital age, a fast-loading site is a happy site.


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User-Friendly All the Way

Kadence Blocks is a dream for both beginners and pros. Its intuitive design makes it super user-friendly, so you can create stunning pages without a steep learning curve. Why choose Kadence Blocks? Because it makes web design accessible to everyone.


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Responsiveness is Key

With mobile browsing on the rise, responsive design is non-negotiable. Kadence Blocks ensures your site looks great on every device, automatically adjusting for optimal viewing. Check out this post, Small Screens, Big Impact: How to Adjust your Kadence Blocks for Mobile Views for more tips on adjusting for mobile views.


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A Block for Everything

From advanced galleries to fancy buttons, Kadence Blocks has a block for every need. This extensive library means you can add cool features without cluttering your site with extra plugins.


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Always Getting Better

The Kadence team regularly rolls out updates, adding new features and refining existing ones. Why choose Kadence Blocks? Because it evolves with the web, keeping your site cutting-edge.


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Layouts Galore

Fancy a complex layout? Kadence Blocks’ row layout block has got you covered. It’s like having a premium page builder, but within Gutenberg.


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Seamless Integration

Kadence Blocks fits into your WordPress workflow like a glove. It plays well with other plugins and themes, making it a versatile choice for any project.


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A Supportive Community

Join a community of fellow Kadence users and get top-notch support. It’s like having a team of web design buddies at your fingertips.


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Accessible to All

Why choose Kadence Blocks? Because it adheres to web accessibility standards, making sure your site is user-friendly for everyone.


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Excellent Value

Whether you opt for the free or pro version, Kadence Blocks offers fantastic value. It’s a premium experience without the premium price tag. (My clients get the added benefit of my Kadence Pro features with my lifetime license.)


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Picture-Perfect Galleries

Kadence takes galleries to the next level with more layouts and customization options. It’s ideal for showcasing your work in style.


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Boost Your Marketing

With blocks designed for marketing and conversions, Kadence helps turn visitors into customers. It’s a tool that not only builds websites but also businesses.


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Custom CSS/JS Options

For the tech-savvy, Kadence allows custom CSS and JavaScript, giving you even more creative control.


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Works with Kadence Products

Using other Kadence products? They integrate seamlessly with Kadence Blocks for a smooth, cohesive design experience.


Why choose Kadence Blocks for your WordPress site? It’s simple: unparalleled customization, performance, ease of use, and a whole lot more. Whether you’re building a personal blog or a business website, Kadence Blocks is the smart choice for bringing your vision to life.

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