Free Photography Resources

Photography will make your Website stand out from the crowd. Photos can engage and catch your readers attention and help pull them into your message and your site.

These are my favorite Free Photography Resources (and a few paid ones)

I love photography. I mean really LOVE it. Once upon a time I fancied myself a bit of a photographer. The yearning is still strong but the more time I spend designing the developing custom WordPress sites for awesome clients the less familiar I become with all the fancy dials and buttons on my camera. I still try to get out with my “big girl” camera from time to time and do a couple portrait sessions for a few favorite friends. These days I mostly depend on my iPhone to document my life and ’cause you know I’m addicted to Instagram.

If your phone is your best camera (and the best camera is the one you have with you) check out Blog-Ready Photos from your Phone and start making the most of the editing apps that are available.

Depending on your business or your blog’s niche you may or may not need to take your own photos or all the photos you use. But where do you find high quality photography that speaks your message and to your audience?

A Great Photo Speaks a Thousands Words and Gets Attention

Stock Photography used to mean dull, stiff, and boring…but not anymore. These resources are my go to list for clients and my own. I have folders and folders of images just waiting for the right situation.

These are my favorite FREE resources:

  • Unsplash – the cream of the crop when it comes to landscapes, food and photos that will just make you swoon. If you are looking for something specific use the search feature or just browse the collections. They have an amazing library of beautifulness. Free Photo Resources -unsplash
  • Death to the Stock Photo – such creativity here!! You can subscribe for a small monthly fee to receive exclusive content as well as the free. Free Photography Resources - Death to the Stock Photo
  • Minimography – Simple and beautiful. Free Photography Resources -

  • KaboomPics – my favorite place for photos of food, desktops/workspace, and lifestyle.  Free Photography Resources - Kaboom Pics
  • Splitshire – very unique library. Need something specific like a the dashboard of a small airplane…you can find it here. But this photo grabbed me because it looks like Italy…sigh.Free Photography Resourcess - Splitshire
  • Picography – they have a wide variety and a good dose of quirky. But you know….Italy. They have a lot of Italy photos which makes me happy.Free Photography Resourcess - Picography

Paid Stock Photography – for when you need something very specific

  • Creative Market – One of my favorite places to spend money.  (I have a small shop of photos there as well Photography Resources - Creative Market (paid)
  • Deposit Photos –  great for whne you need something very specific, like roasted brussel sprouts.Free Photography Resources - depositphotos (paid)
  • iStock – The most well known source for stock photography and also the best. You can find virtually anything you need. For example, moms running with strollers.Free Photography Resources - iStock (paid)

I hope this list is helpful. Don’t underestimate the power of beautiful photography on your Website. Quality photos can set you apart and demonstrate your professionalism. Go forth and cultivate your photo resource library.

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