Vanessa Hemingway

Vanessa Hemingway is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist located in the Santa Cruz, California area. I’m so grateful that Laura connected us and Vanessa chose me as her designer. This was a fun project.

Vanessa’s site is dramatic and stunning. We went all in on the black-and-white color scheme, including the photography.

I have to admit that it wasn’t my idea. It was Vanessa’s vision. During our kickoff week, she shared a few sites that she liked but one black-and-white site really resonated with her. She asked my opinion on going black and white and I LOVED the idea! I wrote her back quickly and said let’s do it! She found a local photographer who does amazing black-and-white portraits and she booked her session.

That is what I love to do…take my client’s vision and create a website that delights them. While also providing the functionality they need to run a successful business and stand out from the sea of sameness on the web.

I enjoyed the challenge of stripping away the color and focusing on how I could use the photography, fonts, and layout to bring the design to life. I love how the black-and-white photography gives a sense of both intimacy and privacy to the sensitive nature of Vanessa’s work.

Vanessa Hemingway – Custom WordPress Design

Vanessa Hemingway

My favorite things about this project:

  • The photography is amazing! Shout out to Devi Pride for the beautiful photos
  • I love the unique font in the headings. I was happy that Vanessa fell in love with it too.
  • The home and about pages gave me the opportunity to showcase the photography.
  • Working with Vanessa was so much fun!

Nice words from Vanessa:

When I started working with Thauna to design my website, I had only a vague idea of what I wanted. Right away Thauna offered me some questions and a few assignments to help me delve deeper into the look, feel and content I was striving for. Within a very short period of time, with Thauna’s light touch kindly steering me, I found inspiration for my vision. Thauna then took my ideas and transformed them into art. I am thrilled with how my site turned out, and I also deeply appreciate the help she’s given me to begin to own it for myself so that I can make edits to my text and feel I have some command over my evolving needs of the site. Thank you, Thauna. Such a pleasure to work with you!

Vanessa, Vanessa Hemingway

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